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Volley Shorts with SNAX Print All Over

95% Polyester 5% Spandex with Mesh Lining

Black Drawstring with Gold Aglets


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Perfect fit. NEED 2 PAIRS!!!

Thank you SNAX for creating these shorts. Wish I had places to go to this Summer because I will wear them anywhere. The sizing and how they fit me is great and comfortability as well. The collage is amusing and never have seem nothing like it. The style of these shorts and how you look from far is majestic. Hope I pull this summer. When I wear them I will tag you on ig.

Kynan Cubillo-Young

I’ve would say the design and style of the shorts is great only problem is I haven’t received them yet sad.

Hector Tovar
Amazing fit! Certified kitty magnet.

Never thought I would be this hype over some shorts but man these are a 10/10 on a few diff levels!

Fit: 10/10 the sizing chart was perfect reference, I was worried about being either too tight or too short. Perfect balance of snug and leg length.

Style: 10/10 what a sexy collage as the print and a sleek drawstring

Reception: 10/10 FIRST DAY I wore them to my local gym, 2 hard working queens came up to talk to me and got the 🥜 with one of em(sorry if tmi lol). Next day I wore them to Zoo Culture and got asked about them by a couple girls And guys. I seriously can’t wait to rock these in Marina del Rey this summer.

I recommended these to a couple of my homies already. Would recommend to anybody: roommate, my dad, grandma, 3rd cousin twice removed literally anybody looks better with these shorts.